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Magnesium Spray, 85ml


Super-saturated Magnesium Chloride mineral spray, for muscle relaxation, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and improved calcium utilization.

Commonly known as “Magnesium Oil”, our product is easy to use.  Simply spray onto skin over you pulse points, or directly on areas needing relaxation (eg belly & back for menstrual cramps, legs for tight muscles after sport).  Magnesium oil is most easily used with a few drops of plant-based natural body oil to help massage it into the skin.

Ingredients: Magnesium chloride, distilled water.

Package: recyclable clear glass spray bottle.

Contents: 85ml net


Super-saturated Magnesium Chloride mineral spray for topical use.  Helpful for muscle relaxation, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, hair loss, lowering blood pressure naturally, bone health and improved calcium utilization.

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