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Clean Hands Care Pack #1


Vegan Hand Sanitizer set with Colloidal Silver. Contains 70% per volume ethyl-alcohol-95. With tea tree oil & lemongrass. Sustainable, recyclable packaging. Refill pack.


Convenient 50ml Purse-Pocket Pack with environmentally-responsible refill pack.
Our alcohol hand cleansing liquid-gel, is a cut above most.  It contains:

– 70% by volume plant-based ethyl-alcohol 95 – surgical & food grade;
– Colloidal silver;;
-Freeze-dried, chemical free aloe vera extract to moisturize & heal;
-Naturally disinfecting tea-tree essential oil;
-Naturally disinfecting & anti-inflammatory lemongrass essential oil,
-Pure vegetable glycerin.

Gentle on your hands to preserve the skins natural surface integrity – an important part of your body’s immune system!!

Packaging:  50ml recyclable & refillable aluminium purse-pocket pack with pump and clear cap;  250ml recyclable aluminium refill pack with safety cap and inner stopper.

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